kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus


Mt Wellington bus at the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington. A sunny day with spectacular views over Hobart.

Summer bus timetable

The kunanyi/Mt Wellington Summer bus timetable starts today and will operate from 1 October – 30 April. There’s plenty of opportunities to explore kunanyi/Mt Wellington

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kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus and Optus staff members standing next to the Mt Wellington bus.

Free Wi-Fi powered by Optus

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Optus to provide FREE passenger Wi-Fi onboard our city to summit shuttle buses. This partnership highlights the benefits

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Good to go in the snow!

We’re thrilled to announce our new snow tour, with exclusive access to kunanyi/Mt Wellington when Pinnacle Road is closed due to snow!  kunyani/Mt Wellington

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Photo: Snow at The Pinnacle.