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An aerial view over Hobart from the Zig Zag Track

Zig Zack Track Closed

The Zig Zag Track is temporarily closed for re-construction works from Wednesday 15 January to Friday 14 February. It may remain open on weekends.

Helicopter air drops will take place on Wednesday 15 January and Tuesday 4 February. The following roads and tracks will be closed during the helicopter operation:

  • Old Hotel Road
  • Grays Fire Trail
  • Pinnacle Track
  • Zig Zag Track
  • Radfords Track (Upper)
  • Milles Track from Grays fire trail intersection to the old hotel site
  • Expect delays gaining access from the The Springs to Milles/Icehouse Track (i.e. summit walking access) on these days.

The Zig Zack track is a popular walking track that connects the summit of the mountain (The Pinnacle) to The Springs. When the Zig Zack Track is closed, passengers walking from The Pinnacle to The Springs can take an alternate route along the South Wellington Track and Ice House Track. This is a longer route so allow an extra 30 minutes one-way (approx. 2 hours total).

There are lots of other great walks on the mountain, make sure to visit our bushwalking page for a list or our favourites.

For further details and updates, please refer to the City of Hobart website.

Map of Zig Zack Track Closure
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