kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus


kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus is the official shuttle bus for kunanyi/Mt Wellington. We're also the only tour company with exclusive access to the mountain when Pinnacle Road is closed due to snow. We proudly offer year-round access to kunanyi/Mt Wellington for everyone. Above all, we welcome all ages and all abilities... in all weather!


In mid 2018, we were successfully awarded the tender to supply a year-round shuttle bus service for kunanyi/Mt Wellington. Later in October 2018, we commenced our 2.5 Hour Return Tour. In June 2019, we began operating our exclusive City to Snow Tour beyond the locked gates on Pinnacle Road. 

kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus is proudly Tasmanian owned and operated. With over 20 years of tourism industry experience as transport operators and small business owners. We certainly have a solid foundation in Hobart. It’s our mission to provide an exceptional shuttle bus service and share our local knowledge with our passengers.

We’re a small, experienced and dedicated team. Our drivers have been specifically trained to drive to the conditions on Pinnacle Road. In addition, they’ve undertaken interstate training on the Victorian snowfields. This special training consisted of emergency management, risk assessment and environmental management. We have no doubt that they’ve got the right training and experience required. Our drivers also share an informative commentary about Hobart’s beloved kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

Providing accessible travel to all visitors is a key aim for kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus. That’s why our primary fleet of buses are wheelchair accessible. Visit our Accessible Travel page for more details. 


kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus have five bus stops within Wellington Park.  They’re conveniently located so that you can make the most of the bushwalking tracks on the mountain. Hop-on and hop-off the bus to explore a wide range of walking tracks suitable for all ages and walking abilities. After your walk, you can catch a later bus to return to Hobart.

We also offer a One-Way Pass for the keen explorer. It’s a rewarding 3 hour walk back to Hobart on well-marked bushwalking tracks. Or, bring your own mountain bike for an exhilarating 1 hour ride down the mountain. kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus is able to carry 4 mountain bikes on each departure. We don’t mind if you bring your own bike or hire one from a local bike hire company.

Visit our Map & Timetable page to plan your day on kunanyi/Mt Wellington. Some of our favourite activities are also listed on our Bushwalking and Mountain Biking pages.

Tours operate 7 days a week, 364 days of the year (closed Christmas Day).

Photo: kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus at the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington.