kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus


There’s more than 40 bushwalking tracks on kunanyi/Mt Wellington, covering a variety of landscapes. From shaded fern gullies to eucalypt forests and rocky outcrops. You’ll certainly enjoy the panoramic views looking out over Hobart and Southern Tasmania.



We’ve compiled a list of our favourite kunanyi/Mt  Wellington bushwalks. There’s a wide range of walking tracks to explore, suitable for all ages and walking abilities. Tracks are conveniently located near kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus stops.

Purchase an Explorer Pass to hop-on and hop-off the bus at different bus stops. Explore short walks on the mountain, then catch a later bus to return to Hobart.

Or for the ultimate  bushwalking adventure, purchase a One-Way Pass and take our bus one-way to the summit, then make your own return journey to Hobart. It’s a rewarding 3 hour walk on well-marked bushwalking tracks.

DestinationStart / FinishTracksDifficultyEstimated TimeAccessDescription
Silver FallsS: Fern Tree Park
F: Fern Tree Park
Pipeline TrackEasy40-min returnSuitable for mountain bikes and prams.Follow the route of the water pipeline supplying some of Hobart’s water. Fern Tree Bower was a popular picnic spot in the 1860s – 1930s. Beautiful cool area shaded by tall, soft tree ferns that frame your view of the historic waterfall. Its waters run into Browns River and meet the Derwent Estuary at Kingston. Follow the same route to return.
Silver Falls LoopS: Fern Tree Park
F: Fern Tree Park
Pipeline Track, Fern Tree Bower, Silver Falls Track, Fern Glade TrackEasy50-min circuitSlightly uphill to Silver Falls, some steps occasional rocky and uneven surfaces. Shady forest, towering tree ferns and lush moss make this an enjoyable walk in warmer weather.
NeikaS: Fern Tree Park
F: Fern Tree Park
Pipeline TrackEasy3-hrs returnSuitable for mountain bikes and prams.A good option for a hot summer’s day. A level, shady track featuring towering tree ferns, small clear water creeks, plus the remains of the historic water supply pipeline. Stop along the way to make a wish at the Wishing Well and look out for the Twin Bridges. Follow the same route to return.
O’Gradys FallsS: Fern Tree Park
F: Fern Tree Park
Pilinger Drive Track, Bracken Lane Fire Trail, O’Gradys Falls Fire Trail, Woods Track, Fern Glade TrackModerate2-hrs circuitA short walk through open bushland to an attractive waterfall. Lush green ferns and mosses surround O’Gradys Falls (best viewed from the middle of the bridge). The cold clear water flows into Hobart Rivulet, under the city and then into the Derwent River. Some climbing after O’Gradys Falls, generally even track surface with some rough sections and some steps. View colourful wildflowers in summer, plenty of birds and good views of the Organ Pipes. Ideal in winter with lower elevation and a sunny aspect.
Lookout Circuit (including
S: The Springs
F: The Springs
Lookout CircuitEasy15-min circuitSuitable for prams.Short, level walk with views up to the summit, and out over Hobart. Originally established in the 1930s, the track borders the former Exhibition Gardens, a public showcase of Tasmania’s native flora. Suitable for all ages and people with limited mobility. Walk anti-clockwise for better views.
Sphinx RockS: The Springs
F: The Springs
Lenah Valley TrackEasy45-min returnA good family walk. A level, gravel track through eucalypt forest to the impressive sandstone rock platform of Sphinx Rock. Great views of the Organ Pipes above and Hobart and the River Derwent below. Follow the same route to return. (CAUTION: 10 metre cliff drop).
Sphinx Rock CircuitS: The Springs
F: The Springs
Lenah Valley Track, Sawmill Track, North-South TrackModerate1.5-hrs returnContinue on from Sphinx Rock to return to The Springs on the North-South Track. Take a short detour to the Octopus Tree – an enormous eucalypt whose bare roots stretch over a large boulder. Displays of wildflowers in late winter – early spring. Ideal in winter with a sunny aspect.
Organ Pipes Walk (One of Tasmania’s
60 Great Short Walks)
S: The Springs
F: The Springs
Pinnacle Track, Organ Pipes TrackDifficult3-hrs returnOne of Tasmania’s 60 great short walks that follows the contour of the mountain around the base of the 120-metre-high dolerite columns of the Organ Pipes to The Chalet. Spectacular views. Well formed track, rocky and uneven surface with some steps and some significant climbing. Rock climbers are sometimes seen in action. Follow the same route to return.
Organ Pipes CircuitS: The Springs
F: The Springs
Lenah Valley Track, Hunters Track, Organ Pipes Track & Pinnacle TrackDifficult4-hrs returnA range of views and experiences including subalpine woodland, tall eucalypt forest and rocky outcrops, spectacular rock formations (Organ Pipes and Crocodile Rock) and historic cabins (The Chalet, Junction Cabin, Lone Cabin and Rock Cabin). During early summer, bright red waratah flowers light up the bush along this track.
North-South TrackS: The Springs
F: Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park
North-South TrackModerate1-2hrs one-way on bikeSuitable for mountain bikes.A purpose built shared-use track for both mountain bike riders and walkers. The track construction includes dry-stone walls, log rides, jumps and the impressive clapper bridge which crosses the New Town Rivulet. Suitable for mountain bike riders of moderate ability (with some more challenging features located on side loops). Good sight lines enabling riders and walkers to easily see each other.
Fern Tree ParkS: The Springs
F: Fern Tree Park
Radfords Track, Fern Glade Track, Pilinger Drive TrackModerate45-min one-wayFerns, mossy gullies and the sound of water running downstream along the Fern Glade Track.
Lost WorldS: Big Bend
F: Big Bend
Lost World TrackModerate45-min returnThe Lost World can be found on the eastern slopes of Mt Arthur, on the last big bend in the road on the way up to the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington. The Lost World features dolerite cliffs, similar in appearance to The Organ Pipes, but on a smaller scale. You’ll also find an expansive boulder field to explore and stunning views over Hobart. Some sections of this track will require careful footing and hand holds. Follow the same route to return.
Zig Zag Viewing PointS: The Pinnacle
F: The Pinnacle
Zig Zag TrackEasy20-min returnA short walk across the plateau to take in spanning views of the alpine environment and views over Hobart. Follow the same route to return.
The SpringsS: The Pinnacle
F: The Springs
Zig Zag Track, Pinnacle TrackDifficult1.5hrs one-wayA steep, stepped downhill track with uneven surfaces. Walk from alpine boulder fields to eucalypt forests. Great views of the Organ Pipes, Hobart and the River Derwent. Can also walk from The Springs uphill to The Pinnacle. During early summer, bright red waratahs and other wildflowers light up the bush along this track.
Hobart (walk)S: The Pinnacle
F: Hobart
Zig Zag Track, Pinnacle Track, Lenah Valley Track, Myrtle Gulley Track, Cascade Track, Hobart Rivulet Track.Difficult3+hrs one-wayDescending approximately 1270m, this is a challenging downhill walk. A steep, stepped downhill track with uneven surfaces. Varied landscapes including boulder fields, eucalpyt forests, fern-filled gullies and urban outskirts of the city. Stop at Cascade Brewery in South Hobart for refreshments.
(Shorter option: Take a 2hr walk along the Zig Zag Track and Pinnacle Track and continue onto Fern Tree to catch the local Metro Tas bus service back to Hobart).
Hobart (bike)S: The Pinnacle
F: Hobart
Pinnacle Road, Huon Road, Macquarie Street (or Strickland Avenue, Rivulet Track)Moderate1hr
one-way on bike
Suitable for mountain bikes.Descending approximately 1270m, this is an exhilarating downhill bike ride back to Hobart city. Stop along the way to take in the views. Strickland Avenue and the Rivulet Track offer less vehicle traffic.

Visit the Wellington Park Management Trust website for further bushwalking information.

Photo: Zig Zag Track, Tourism Tasmania & Graham Freeman.