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Zig Zag Track Maintenance

The Zig Zag Track will be temporarily closed for major maintenance works from late January 2022. Works are expected to be completed by winter this year. 

The maintenance work will make the Zig Zag Track a safer walking route while maintaining its important heritage values and bush feel. If possible the track will be open on weekends, depending on safety conditions.

The Zig Zack track is a popular walking track that connects the summit of the mountain (The Pinnacle) to The Springs. There is an alternate route along the South Wellington Track, Ice House Track and Milles Track. This is a longer route so allow an extra 30 minutes one-way (approx. 2 hours total). Please note that the South Wellington Track offers little shelter and is recommended for well-equipped, experienced walkers. The alpine environment and inclement weather can create dangerous walking conditions. 

There are lots of other great walks on the mountain, make sure to visit our bushwalking page for a list or our favourites as well as important bushwalking safety information.

For further details and updates, please refer to the City of Hobart website.

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